Meet our upscale hotel-casino.

  • The perfect blend of quality and design
  • Casino
  • Restaurant and Retail space
  • 7 floors, 26 rooms
  • Total area 1580 m²

About the Project

Newly established hotel featuring a highly profitable casino in the thriving tourist hub of Batumi. With guaranteed profits from day one of ownership, our hotel stands out from the competition with its tasteful and modern interior design, ergonomically designed rooms, and use of high-quality materials.

The visually stunning design, prime location, and on-site casino make it an unforgettable experience for guests and a strong investment in the growing Batumi real estate market. Investing in this hotel is a strategic move that leverages the potential for continued growth in the local market, providing substantial returns for years to come.

Advantageous location
High yielding casino

Project Infrastructure

Every space, every detail of the interior is cleverly designed and implemented in the overall conceptual style of modern loft design.

26 rooms

Benefits and guarantees for the investment

A new, freestanding 7-storey building constructed using the modern and highest quality materials in both the engineering structures and interior finishes. This will ensure a long life with minimal depreciation costs.

The hotel's convenient location in the downtown, close proximity to the sea and the main attractions, provide good transport accessibility for hotel guests, while the high pedestrian flow and elegant exterior attract new visitors.

The hotel's existing casino, which is already generating high profits, is one of the main advantages of revenue stability and a guarantee of a fast return on investment. The gambling industry is one of the main drivers of tourist flow growth.

Moreover, the hotel is in a fast-growing market with a high demand for tourist accommodation. The investment not only provides a steady income stream, but also offers the potential for significant capital increase as the market continues to expand.

Invest in a Booming Resort: Secure Business in Growing Batumi


Batumi is a resort city, which is just entering the most active phase of its development, and the number of world-class hotel brands is on par with the leading world tourism hubs. Industry professionals are always one step ahead.


Each year, the world's leading publications and experts confirm Batumi's attractiveness as an investment destination and the market responds with new large-scale projects involving the widest possible participation of foreign investors.


It is always most profitable to invest in a growing and developing market, while paying attention to business security. The law enforcement system in Georgia is very well developed, taxes are transparent and easy, procedures are simple and accessible.


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